The aim of the National Journal of Education is to serve as a leading biannual academic publication dedicated to advancing the field of education by fostering intellectual exchange, disseminating high-quality research, and promoting evidence-based practices. The journal aims to contribute significantly to the improvement of education on a global scale by providing a platform for scholars, researchers, educators, and policymakers to share their original and innovative ideas, theoretical frameworks, empirical studies, and best practices.


The National Journal of Education welcomes submissions that address a wide range of topics within the field of education. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:
Educational Psychology: Studies focusing on cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of learning, as well as factors that influence educational attainment and motivation.
Curriculum Development and Instructional Design: Research related to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of educational curricula and effective teaching methodologies.
Educational Technology: Exploring the integration and impact of technology in educational settings, including online learning, virtual classrooms, and digital resources.
Assessment and Evaluation: Investigations into various assessment methods, testing practices, and educational program evaluation to enhance student learning outcomes.
Educational Leadership and Administration: Studies on leadership practices, school management, and organizational development to improve educational institutions' effectiveness.
Special Education and Inclusive Practices: Research that addresses the needs of learners with disabilities and promotes inclusive educational environments.
Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Education: Interdisciplinary research that examines the intersections of education with other fields such as sociology, anthropology, economics, and neuroscience.
Teacher Professional Development: Studies focusing on effective teacher training, ongoing professional development, and support for educators.
Education Policy and Reform: Research on the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of educational policies and initiatives at local, national, and international levels.
Global and Comparative Education: Comparative studies examining educational systems, policies, and practices across different countries and regions.

The National Journal of Education encourages original research articles, literature reviews, theoretical papers, case studies, and policy analyses that contribute significantly to the understanding and improvement of education. The journal's rigorous peer-review process ensures the publication of high-quality, credible, and impactful contributions. By maintaining a biannual publication schedule, the journal ensures timely dissemination of cutting-edge research and promotes the dissemination of knowledge to a broad readership, including educators, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the education community.
We, the members of the Faculty of Education are committed to the objectives of this journal and strive to attain the glory that this journal was meant to achieve.