NJE began as a national refreed journal in May 1978 as a result of the efforts of Dr. R.P.Varma, the 'Pioneer Editor' of the journal.

The then Dean, Late Dr. S.N.Singh was the Managing Editor of the Journal. The Editorial Board constituted of Dr. R. Upadhyaya, Late Dr. T.S. Rao, Dr. S.S. Srivastava, Late Dr. T.Singh and Dr. K. Rai, all young and dynamic members of the Faculty of Education, BHU way back in 1978.

The Consulting Editors of the journal were the country's 'Top personalities' of the field of Education

-------Salamatullah, --------M.B.Buch, ---------S.B.Adaval
-------C.L.Anand,--------- S. Varshney, -------R.B.Mathur
-------R.P.Singh,-----------Udai Shankar,------S.Shukla
-------R.R.Singh,-----------N.V.Manuel,-------Pratibha Rao
The Editorial associates were Shri S.D. Chatterjee and Dr. S.B.Bhattacharya

Editorial of the first issue of the Journal

Contents of the first issue of the Journal published in 1978

1. M.S.Yadav, S.Roy---------Towards a Theory of Teaching
2. R.P.Singh------------------The Gandhian Frame of Education and All That
3. S.N.Singh -----------------Academic Freedom and Democratic State
4. P.C.Saxena ----------------Interests of Over and Under achieving Students
5. G.Shivarudrappa-----------Contributions of Veerashaiva Mathas to the
-------------------------------Developments of Education in Karnataka-
-------------------------------A Historical Survey
6. Motilal Sharma-------------Crisis of Communcation between Man and Man
7. T.Singh, B.K.Passi---------Adoption of Innovations in Preparation of Secondary
-------------------------------School Teachers in India
8. T.R.Sharma----------------If Facts Had Tongues
9. P.N.Rai--------------------Anxiety and Students' Achievement
10. R.J.Singh------------------Creative Approach to Science Education
11. R. Upadhyaya, R.K.Sharma-------Education and Economic Growth in Varanasi
---------------------------------------Tahsil: A Study of Correlation
12. S.B.Bhattacharya-------Communication and Creative Growth: Ancient and Modern
13. S.Shukla----------------Education, Economy and Social Structure in British India

Research Notes

14. S Tondon, S. Varshneya--Need of Adolescents in relation to their Sex and
-------------------------------Intellectual Levels
15. D.Kumar, S.P.Ahluwalia--A Study of Sex Differences and Personality Patterns of
-------------------------------Innovative and Non Innovative Teachers.

Book Reviews
16. S.S.Srivastava
17. H.D.Sharma