A UGC-CARE Listed Biannual Refereed JournalNational Journal of Education
A UGC-CARE Listed Biannual Refereed Journal (in English Language)
ISSN: 0972 9569

The National Journal of Education is a UGC-CARE listed prestigious biannual academic journal, published in English language and registered with the Registrar of Newspapers/ journals, New Delhi. It was first published in the year 1978 by the Faculty of Education, Banaras Hindu University, and is dedicated to the dissemination of research, knowledge, and insights in the field of Education. As a flagship publication in the realm of educational research, it serves as a platform for scholars, researchers, educators, and policymakers to share their innovative ideas, theoretical frameworks, empirical studies, and best practices.

The journal's primary mission is to foster intellectual exchange and advancements in the field of education. By encouraging the submission of original and high-quality research articles, the National Journal of Education plays a crucial role in shaping educational practices, policies, and methodologies. Each issue of the journal covers a wide array of topics within the broad domain of education. This includes educational psychology, curriculum development, teaching methodologies, educational technology, assessment and evaluation, educational leadership, special education, and cross-disciplinary studies that explore the intersections between education and other fields.

The rigorous peer-review process ensures that only well-researched and academically sound articles get published. This enhances the credibility and reliability of the content, making the National Journal of Education a trusted source of information for educators, researchers, and policymakers alike. The biannual frequency of publication allows the journal to accommodate a diverse range of topics and research interests in each issue, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the field. The National Journal of Education holds a vital position in the academic landscape of education. Through its biannual publications, it promotes the exchange of ideas, facilitates collaboration between researchers and educators, and ultimately contributes to the advancement of education for the betterment of society.